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Our Warranty Guarantees Quality

El Tigre Golf Cart Seat Warranty El Tigre is committed to quality, when it comes to their custom golf cart seats; so much so, that they are willing to back up all of their products with warranties, assuring all of their customers that they’re getting a product

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The Golf Carts Long Road

Long Road of the Golf Cart The golf cart as it is today bears some resemblance to the original golf carts as they were first manufactured over 60 years ago, but they’ve undergone some considerable changes along the way, as well. Golf carts have evolved significantly as

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Make it New

Make it new When the great American poet Ezra Pound declared “Make it new,” he may well have been talking about the world of golfing technology. Golf is a game that, while simple at its core, is constantly evolving in the practical ways that it is executed.

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Casey Martin Still Inspires

Casey Martin – Still an Inspiration The man that drives the most famous golf cart in the world was back in action this year at the US Open, as Casey Martin narrowly missed the cut after winning a qualifying tournament. Martin, now 40 and the head coach

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Like Golfer Like Cart

Make your Cart resemble your golf game What good is having your own golf cart, if it looks just like everyone else’s? If you’ve splurged enough to buy your own ride, you should go all the way and customize your cart, so that everyone can tell that

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Make an Old Cart Look New

Breathing new life into your cart Golf carts take a beating – sun damage, rough driving, and the occasional meltdown with a five iron can leave a once-pristine cart looking battered and tarnished. You can’t just replace a cart because it starts getting slightly worn – that

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Make The Right Impression

Impressive Golf Cart Seats/h2> Golf is not just about the score of the game; it is also a ritual of communication. People with similar interests, spending time with each other, enjoying each other’s company. Bonds are formed and business is done. There is a reason that all

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Watch Your Back

Golf Cart Seat Backs Golf, while certainly safer than football or basketball, is not without its injury risks. Achilles and knee injuries kept Tiger Woods from entering the US Open and a number of other tournaments, last year; Dottie Pepper’s career was ended by shoulder issues; and

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For The Footbal Fanatic

Golf Cart Seats for the Football Fan When you’re a true football fan, you want everyone to know where your allegiances lie. You wear your favorite player’s jersey, you’ve got memorabilia displayed in your home, and everyone knows where you’ll be on Sunday afternoons (when you’re not

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The Merchandise Major

PGA Merchandise Major Show During the winter months between the last PGA Championship and the next Masters Tournament, the PGA has a different kind of major event: the PGA Merchandise Show. The Merchandise show is the biggest event for golfing equipment and golf course supply vendors to

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