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From modern classics like Portal 2 and Minecraft to recent gems such as Elden Ring and Tunic, here are the PC games we think you should pick up.

The PC gaming ecosystem is easily the largest in the industry, with tens of thousands of games available to play. It would be a significant challenge to come up with a list of the best PC games of all time–especially considering that gaming as a whole has evolved so much over the last few decades. Instead, we rounded up the best PC games to play in Some of our picks, like Elden Ring and Tunic, are recently released gems, while others are multiplayer or live service games that have stood the test of time, such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Minecraft.

Our list of the best PC games spans across a wide variety of genres, so we imagine at least a few of these games will pique your interest.

PC gaming is quite different from consoles, as your mileage with each game on this list will vary based on your rig. That said, many of the games on this list don\’t require the latest and greatest graphic cards–they merely help these great games look even better. And if you happen to have a Steam Deck, a lot of these games are playable on Valve\’s impressive handheld PC. We\’ve linked to Steam listings where possible for these games, but it\’s worth noting that you can often find better deals on storefronts such as Fanatical and GOG.

We\’ve included links to those stores, too. Sign up for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Sign up for PC Game Pass. If you\’re thinking about upgrading your PC or starting a new build to play some of these games at higher settings, make sure to check out our step-by-step guide for building a gaming PC. We also have a dedicated list focused on the best Steam Deck games to play right now. If you\’re looking for accessories for your rig, check out our roundups of the best gaming keyboards , gaming mice , and PC gaming headsets.

We\’ve called Apex Legends the champion of battle royales in the past, and two years into its lifespan, that\’s something we stand by. Respawn Entertainment took its strong FPS foundation namely Titanfall and created a competitive shooter that refines all the core tenets necessary for a good battle royale.

Its roster of characters adds a strategic layer and diversity of playstyle, gunplay is sharp and engaging, and quality-of-life features like the ping system and inventory management keep you focused on executing in combat.

Over the many seasons of content for Apex Legends, we\’ve had multiple maps and game modes cycle into the experience. It has surprisingly deep lore that gets you invested in the world of Apex Legends, too. And because it\’s free-to-play, you have nothing to lose by giving it a shot. See our Apex Legends review. One of the most original games of recent memory, Before Your Eyes has a simple premise that hinges on your ocular organs controlling the entire experience through a webcam.

It\’s a short jaunt of a game that chronicles the life of a recently deceased person that you play as, but the catch here is that every time you blink, time moves forward. It\’s a terrific idea, incredibly well-implemented, and ties in perfectly with themes of memories, life, and storing those precious moments within ourselves.

Unusual but packing a heavyweight emotional punch, you won\’t want to take your eyes off of this game for a single instant. See our Before Your Eyes review. As cute as it is hard-hitting in the emotional department, Chicory: A Colorful Tale gives you a blank canvas on which to explore a world stripped of color and in dire need of an artist\’s touch. As the newest hero to wield a magical paintbrush, Chicory\’s approach to art and finding your place in life is surprisingly gentle and honest.

Its world is filled with touching stories and wonderful landscapes to create some art in, while its gameplay manages to be clever and accessible. It\’s main lesson though, is that there\’s no right or wrong way to express your creativity, so long as you do something to help brighten up the world around you.

See our Chicory: A Colorful Tale review. First released in the \’90s, Sid Meier\’s Civilization series is still going strong in , thanks to continued support for its most recent release, Civilization VI.

As in previous games, Civilization VI casts you in the role of a historical leader, such as Egypt\’s Cleopatra or India\’s Gandhi, and tasks you with building your civilization from the ground up, including growing your military, developing new research facilities, and engaging in diplomacy with other world leaders.

Of course, Civilization VI expanded and improved on previous games in the series, with additions such as the inclusion of districts that let cities expand across multiple tiles, but it\’s also continued to receive new content in the form of two major expansions: Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm, both of which added new leaders, civilizations, and features to the game.

See our Civilization VI review. Control \’s blend of action, mystique, and the surreal is one that should not be missed, and while it\’s available on PS5 and Xbox Series X, you\’ll find no version better than that of the PC.

The pairing of DLSS and ray-tracing makes Control a visual powerhouse, reflecting its impressive effects on the surface of the Oldest House\’s pristine waxed floors and shrouding its mysterious hallways in the uncertainty of shadow. And that\’s all accented by supernatural fights that can pop off at a moment\’s notice in any one of these enigmatic rooms as the world shifts and morphs around you. What makes Control truly special is exploring the unknown and uncovering secrets the world isn\’t supposed to know.

See our Control review. Though CSGO has undergone significant changes over its lifespan, it\’s still very much the core Counter-Strike experience that revolutionized the multiplayer FPS genre in the s. The standard mode of play is a five-on-five demolition-style match on carefully crafted maps that emphasize specific positioning, sightlines, and team strategies.

But beyond that, there\’s a hostage rescue mode, gungame free-for-all, and tons of custom content from years of work by its player base. One of the most exciting things about CSGO is the high-intensity competitive matches where the slightest mistakes could spell doom for your team, or clutch plays could drastically shift the momentum of a match.

Counter-Strike has historically been played with a level of precision in both the FPS combat and in its tactics, which makes a bit of a steep learning curve for newcomers. However, this classic game can be wildly rewarding, which you can see from its massive competitive scene. Recently, Valorant has adopted the Counter-Strike formula to great effect, but the high-stakes tactical combat of CSGO is still in a league of its own. See our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive review.

There\’s a new generation of games inspired by Nintendo\’s Legend of Zelda series out there, and Death\’s Door is perched near the top of that pile thanks to its winning combo of tight action and its beautifully morbid world.

An examination of life and the great unknown, Death\’s Door places you in the feathers of an adorable little crow who happens to be tasked with reaping a few pesky souls that don\’t want to shed their mortal coil just yet. What follows is a tale crafted with love and passion, an entertaining action-adventure that\’s loaded with attractive style and engaging combat.

See our Death\’s Door review. Arkane Studios became the name to beat when it came to first-person shooter games that married well-crafted action with rich narratives, but Deathloop has raised the bar for those games to a glorious new level. Game of the year material at its best, Deathloop\’s homicidal Groundhog Day appeal is amplified by its terrific cast, layered levels of gameplay, hidden secrets, and so much more.

See our Deathloop review. Despite releasing more than nearly five years ago, Destiny 2 remains one of the most popular live service multiplayer games around. While the sequel started off on a strong note, it has only gotten better thanks to consistent updates and expansions that delivered a steady stream of enthralling first-person shooter content.

And it\’s not even close to being too late to jump into Destiny 2, as more content is coming through Destiny 2\’s plethora of content would be nothing without strong mechanics and overarching systems that keep you grinding away for new gear. Bungie crafted one of the best-feeling first-person shooters we\’ve played in recent years, so it offers a constant source of fun regardless of whether you\’re making your way through story missions, going on challenging raids with friends, or battling in the Crucible.

It\’s a wonderful game that digs its teeth into you the more you play, and it\’s easily one of the best cooperative PC games available today. See our Destiny 2: Beyond Light review. When it comes to writing, Disco Elysium is perhaps unrivaled. His quest to unravel a baffling murder and the details of his life that he\’s forgotten takes you on an absolutely stunning adventure that thrives on its choice-based gameplay and exquisite dialogue.

Disco Elysium balances humor and serious life dilemmas with astounding grace, and the freedom it gives you to shape the narrative and your interactions with its many colorful characters you meet allows you to make this detective story your own.

Its gorgeous world is teeming with life, and viewing it from the eyes of a nameless cop with memory issues makes it all the more immersive. See our Disco Elysium review. Building on the already-brilliant formula of its predecessor, Divinity: Original Sin 2 is an all-time great RPG, giving you a huge range of freedom in how to build your party, deal with a combat scenario, and approach a given situation.

It\’s a game best played on PC, thanks to its crisper visuals, the precision of using a mouse, and faster loading times, which encourage you to experiment with its wide range of possibilities. While truly a great game overall, much of the fun in Divinity stems from seeing what you can get away with, be it stealing items or avoiding a lengthy combat encounter by setting up an elaborate trap.

Experience with earlier entries in the series aren\’t required to enjoy Original Sin 2, and as the best entry to date, this is an ideal place to start–just be prepared to lose dozens of hours to it.

See our Divinity: Original Sin 2 review. Dota 2 is not only one of the more daunting PC games to learn and master, but it\’s also one of the most rewarding and satisfying to play once you know what you\’re doing. Two teams of five assault each other as they try to destroy the opposing team\’s Ancient.

It sounds simple, but the strategic depth is vast, and there\’s a lot to learn if you want to keep up. It requires learning the map, getting familiar with the vast array of characters, and mastering their mechanics to be successful.

Of course, if this wasn\’t an exciting process, it wouldn\’t be as popular as it is–and if you haven\’t seen a match play out at The International, then you\’re missing out. See our Dota 2 review. A strong contender for the best game of , From Software\’s latest dip into dark fantasy and brutal combat is the studio at its very best.

The Lands Between are a massive sandbox in which to explore as a newly-risen Tarnished warrior, and every corner of this world hides a secret that\’ll take you down a path of danger in exchange for fascinating lore and powerful rewards. While Elden Ring doesn\’t stray too far from the usual From Software formula, it does polish the elegant gameplay and signature style of that studio to a mirror finish that\’s beautiful to behold and loaded with dozens of hours of content to dive into.

See our Elden Ring review. The pre-PlayStation era of Final Fantasy won\’t be vanishing anytime soon, as Square Enix has managed to restore those classic games for new and future generations of fans who want to experience the origins of that best-selling franchise. From the first game to its very bit best, these remasters aim to keep the restoration as pure as possible while sharpening up the titles with additional content found in previous ports across other consoles across the years. The first chapter in a mammoth project, Final Fantasy VII Remake blends new and old ideas to create a uniquely nostalgic and fresh to what is considered by many to be the greatest video game of all time.

Jaw-droppingly gorgeous to look at, the return of Cloud Strife and pals to the world of Midgar is a cinematic masterpiece that combines explosive blockbuster moments with fun action-RPG elements.

While some story beats have stayed the same, Final Fantasy VII Remake also takes time to make some crucial changes to the plot, setting this project up to deliver some massive surprises down the road when the Avalanche crew embarks on a road trip that\’ll decide the fate of the world. The Final Fantasy series is known for having a strong focus on storytelling with colorful characters who get into over-the-top battles, and the MMO Final Fantasy XIV manages to stay true to what the series is all about.

Though you might assume the familiar Final Fantasy tenets of storytelling and strong character moments would be absent in an online game, FFXIV is one of the more story-driven MMOs out today. Final Fantasy XIV is the franchise\’s second crack at an MMO, and it features a sprawling story about rebellion, equality, and friendship that manages to hit the same highs of the franchise\’s best single-player games.

Few games get the absolute thrill of driving a ridiculously fast car the way that the Forza Horizon series does, and its latest chapter is another example of pure petrolhead bliss. Shifting to the warm climate of Mexico, Forza Horizon 5 sticks to its template and hits top gear right from the start with its selection of vehicles, activities, and a constant sense of reward for being a speed demon.

Beyond its superb gameplay, Forza Horizon 5 also takes time to emphasize a personal connection between man and machine, as it balances epic showcase events with personal moments of reflection and car culture. Even if it took a few years, the wait for one of the best PlayStation games on the market to hit PC was well worth it.

While previous God of War games emphasized gratuitous violence and a character with the personality of a very angry cardboard box, Sony\’s reinvention of Kratos helped create a more nuanced and layered hero. That doesn\’t mean that there wasn\’t a satisfying amount of carnage to engage in, though, as developer Sony Santa Monica expanded on Kratos\’ brutal abilities in methodical ways and gave him plenty of new tools to play with in a Nordic sandbox.

See our God of War review.


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