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Adobe Acrobat Paper Capture Plugin. By default, if you scan an image and convert it to PDF, you get a Image Only PDF. To make your PDF indexable. You can use Adobe Acrobat with a scanner to create Adobe PDF files from paper resulting file is a PDF lmage Only file-that is.


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Adobe has reorganized the products in the Acrobat family over the years by splitting, merging, or replacing applications. This has caused confusion over which product a user has or needs to obtain. Between versions 3 and 5 , the Standard and Professional versions were one unified product simply called Adobe Acrobat. As of June , the main members of the Adobe Acrobat family are:. Since the early s, the Acrobat product had several competitors who each used their own document formats, such as:.

Adobe also allows Acrobat plug-ins to be developed by third parties, which can add extra functions within the Acrobat program. Acrobat Reader 1. This was not available in single copies and was not initially free. After a while the IRS purchased a right to distribute Reader 1. Acrobat Reader 2. It is now available free of charge:. Acrobat Reader 3. The first to display PDF files in-browser, and the first to support form filling:.

Adobe Wiki Explore. Adobe Inc. Creative Suite. Pippinitis Mr. Explore Wikis Community Central. Does anyone else know how to fix this? I only have it for it\’s OCR abilities, this is killing me. I finally got the problem solved. While I was waiting for feedback on how our software licenses worked with VMs, I decided to try on more route. I\’m sure this wasn\’t the most efficient route to the solution and a lot of the step probably were not even necessary, but I wanted to post it in case it could benefit someone else searching for the same solution.

First, I started out by searching my hard drive for some of the files that were in the PaperCapture folder under plugins.

It found almost al. We are sorry for the trouble. As you have tried all the troubleshooting steps and still the issue remains unresolved. Please update the application to the new version available. Acrobat Standard DC seems to have updated to version The PaperCapture plugin still shows version It does not find any more updates when I manually tell it to search for them. I tried having it do a repair installation again as well, which completes successfully, but the same OCR error remains.

I did find a couple of old printers still installed and had Windows remove them and their underlying files, but that made no difference.

There don\’t appear to be any driver errors with the other printers, and nothing has changed since Acrobot OCR last worked correctly. My current account has Admin rights to my machine, but that took a lot of effort to get and it is unlikely that I\’d ever be able to get a second \”test account\” with the same.

Most of my IT department is in self-quarantine due to one of them testing positive for Coronavirus, so it is likely that I won\’t have any of their assistance for a couple of weeks at least. Do you know if it save log files somewhere — either for the installation or for the OCR process? That would be helpful. I had high hopes for your solutions since I hadn\’t and probably never would have thought of deleting Adobe folders in that many locations, but even after all that, I get the exact same error message.

In searching for solutions, basically the same issue seems to exist through many different versions. Why can\’t Adobe fix the installation so this doesn\’t happen? It is so frustrating, especially given that it used to work fine on the same machine and nothing else seems to have changed.

I appreciate your suggestion — I really thought that was going to fix it. Thanks for trying. I understand, I also hoped it would fix it. If yes, then uninstall it. No other scanner software is, or ever has been, installed. I\’ve been using Acrobat for this task since version 7, spanning a few different computers. I\’ve had my share of issues with it over the years, but none as stubborn as this one.

No errors where found. All the other software installed runs fine. Still no luck. Found some \”Acrobat \” keys and removed them after backing them up. That didn\’t help, but the next time I might search for references to PaperCapture. I figure that somewhere on the computer, there has to be something pointing to the wrong place for the ini or dll files. Just an update. I tried uninstalling using Revouninstaller portable in advanced mode.

While it found a bunch of files and registry entries that the standard uninstaller missed, after reinstalling the Creative Cloud and Acrobat Standard DC once again I\’ve lost count of how many times I have done this now , the issue still remains.

Not a big Adobe fan right now. This is bit complex but since you don\’t have access to a other profiles, try installing a VM and run the application inside it. See if you get the same error. RUN does not guarantee maliciousness or safety of the content. NET Framework 4. Behavior activities Add for printing. Static information Add for printing. Video and screenshots Add for printing.

All screenshots are available in the full report. Processes Add for printing. Total processes. Behavior graph Click at the process to see the details. Specs description Program did not start Low-level access to the HDD Process was added to the startup Debug information is available Probably Tor was used Behavior similar to spam Task has injected processes Executable file was dropped Known threat RAM overrun Network attacks were detected Integrity level elevation Connects to the network CPU overrun Process starts the services System was rebooted Task contains several apps running Application downloaded the executable file Actions similar to stealing personal data Task has apps ended with an error File is detected by antivirus software Inspected object has suspicious PE structure Behavior similar to exploiting the vulnerability Task contains an error or was rebooted The process has the malware config.

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