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Choose either the Move or the Extend option from the Options bar. Also noteworthy is the patch tool now has a content aware option. Very nice for filling in larger areas and having more control over the fill content. The texture from the new area will seamlessly blend into the patch area. I personally love this one!

Lighting effects is back! It was missing in bit versions of CS5 because it was just that, only in bit. The good news is that it now works in bit per Channel Mode. This is great for adding different types of lighting effects to images. When you apply the effect to an alpha channel, the banding is really bad. Better off to keep using it in 8-bit mode for illustration. Liquify has had a real nitro boost this time around.

This means that the performance is fast. I found it to be amazingly fast. Liquefying is smooth and fluid. When you push the tools, the image moves with you, unlike in the past where there was a lag and then a sluggish movement of pixels. This performance provides a lot more control over the warping. This has also gotten a major speed boost. The puppet warp now works directly onscreen. Nice new additions to speed performance are the new erodible tips for brushes.

These create some nice realistic looking strokes and can also be wrangled for some nice grunge effects. Airbrushes also get some new tips that respond well to tilt with a Wacom pen. I can see a lot of potential with these. There is also an Oil painter filter that came over from Pixel Bender.

This allows you to paint over a photograph and produce some surprisingly realistic oil painting looks. Small thing, maximum brush size has now been increased to 5, pixels. This is good for an overlay of a Photo without hard edges from something like a Canon 5D. JDI Brushes One thing I always found frustrating is when you are trying to sample a color and there are adjustment layers on it. You now have the option to sample a color and ignore the adjustment layers.

On top of that you can also sample, current layer, all layers and new is current layer and beneath. Also current and beneath, no adjustments.

Not so obvious at first glance though, is how much. Layer filtering has been added. For someone who can work with hundreds of layers, this is so awesome! You can filter by kind default. These options include images, adjustments, text, vector layers and smart objects.

There are also other categories such as name, effect, mode, attribute and color. There is a long list of attributes that include visible, advanced blending and more. Text is interesting because you can search by layer name. If you are an illustrator, designer or compositor, filtering will save you a ton of time.

Speaking of layer names, when renaming layers, press the tab key to advance to the next layer and fill out its name too. New vector layers. Designers are going to be thrilled about this one. Vector layers are redesigned. You can now define a stroke and a fill for any vector layers including the pen tool and shape layers.

The fills can be solid, patterns or gradients. The strokes can be solid, patterns or gradients too. Check this out, yes; there are now dotted and dashed strokes available! You can apply a layer style and flatten the layer in a single click.

Also, Layer Styles render in the correct order with shadows on the bottom. Gradient Layer Styles now include a dither option; this is nice and helps to prevent banding. You can now do batch tasks to multiple layers at once. There is now an indicator to let you know if advanced blending options are used Blend if , double click the icon to open the blending dialog box. There have been a lot of significant changes with type in Photoshop CS6 beta. The biggest thing is type styles. You can create and use both character and paragraph based type styles.

Sure there are some neat tricks and work-arounds, but you no longer need those, full-blown type styles are here. Define your font, color, size and more. You can now apply those saved styles to both individual text blocks and also to paragraph text. Photoshop CS6 now supports custom ligatures, so you can add those nice pairing of characters as well as different alternative characters, when the font supports them.

Another cool addition is Lorem Ipsum. You can now fill paragraphs with placeholder text, so that you can mock up and see what a layout would look like without having to fill with actual text. This is nice, because you no longer have to cut and paste placeholder text from elsewhere.

You can get some really cool patterns using the scripted fills. Select a pattern fill, like you would for any texture fill. The difference is, you can choose a scripted fill to lay out the tiles in different ways rather than just the standard tiling. You can do bricks, weaves, spirals and more.

If you know some scripting, you can even design some of your own. With the recent release of Lightroom 4, there was a slightly broken workflow between Lightroom and Photoshop. All the settings are now nicely synchronized with Lightroom 4, so that round trip editing is now a possibility again.

The main change is dropping of the Brightness, Recovery and Fill Light sliders. The sliders have largely been replaced with Shadow, Highlight, Whites and Blacks. These are more consistent with what we are used to working with in Photoshop.

Shadow Highlight replaces Recovery and fill light with some changes to try and eliminate halos in images that are heavenly processed. The Whites and Black set the white and black points in the histogram, much like what you would expect from the white and black slider in Photoshop levels.

See the image I quickly ran through it. Check out the video on processing images in Lightroom 4. But wait. It gets really cool about here. Adobe reworked the video features. You will notice that the timeline has a new look. Bring video in as a video layer and Photoshop treats it much like the other layers.

The big difference is that the video layers contain multiple frames of video. When you reorder the layers in the Layers panel, their order will also change in the timeline. In time speak, the layers start at the bottom and work their way up the panel, with the last clip being the top-most.

If you prefer different video tracks, this can be accomplished by creating a new layer group. Each group has its own video track. You can even add transitions between different clips. Transitions are added by dropping a transition point on the clip. However, if you have any troubles installing this CS6 Compressed version feel free to contact us and our team will respond you shortly. In the table below you can see the minimum system requirements for this software but you can always test on your own.

For example if you want to see the interface of this amazing graphics design software please take a look at the images below. To sum up this Adobe Photoshop CS6 is one of the most popular graphic editing programs in the world. There are tons of reviews on Youtube about it and tutorials about using.

In addition if you want to master it you can search on Google about some free or paid courses for this software. In the end thank you for visiting our website. In the end if some of the links is not working simple use another one, and please leave your comment below or otherwise please send us a message and our team will replace the broken link as soon as possible.

Please also take a note that not all the files we provide are resized. Some are trial or demo version. All rights are reserved to the original creators and we are only distributing the files. Adobe Photoshop CS6 Highly Compressed Almost all of us already know that people are using this software for graphics editing, banner creation, logo and so on. For example below are shown some: New interface darkened ; Adobe Camera Raw 7. Minimum System Requirements for Adobe Photoshop CS6 Highly Compressed In the table below you can see the minimum system requirements for this software but you can always test on your own.

Adobe Creative Suite 5. Sound: x display x recommended with bit color Adobe Photoshop CS6 Highly Compressed Screenshots For example if you want to see the interface of this amazing graphics design software please take a look at the images below. In the end thank you for following Ultra Compressed. David Alarcon.



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