Greener Golf?

Is Greener Golf Possible? If “going green” wasn’t a huge trend, I would think “greener golf” wouldn’t be possible with electric golf carts around. However, it seems that it is! A solar powered golf cart has been created in the hype of the “going green” world as we know it. Changing the View This golf …

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El Tigre Articles

Great Gift Idea When looking for a gift for either a golf lover or a golf cart lover, sometimes it can be difficult. Many items they would love, like a new rear set kit, or new wheels, might be more on the expensive side. Even though we recommend giving El Tigre custom Seats for gifts, …

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Fun Facts about Golf Carts You Probably Didn’t Know

GOLF CARTS ARE MADE FOR MANY KINDS OF WORK Over the years, golf carts have become increasingly more popular, which also means their designs have changed as well. Golf cart manufacturers have gone as far as to have Golf Cart Utility Vehicles made. These vehicles have 4 wheel drive and utility tires! They are made …

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Rear Seat Kit Options & Other Accessories

Rear Seat Kits – A Big Accessory Nowadays, People are starting to use their golf carts for more than just on the golf course. Since it is becoming more prominent as a component in daily living, more options are needed. Options can include anything from more seating availability, to cargo-ready accessories. In this case, rear …

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