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JP TP. Sebastiaan Pixelmator Team. Andrius Pixelmator Team. Pixelmator Community. Follow Thread. Mon Oct 30, pm I came here because I read a post where someone was mentioning Pixelmator, but your website says it\’s not even out yet? Mon Oct 30, pm Pixelmator has been out for many years now. Pixelmator PRO however not yet. Tue Nov 07, pm Will Pixelmator still be updated? Or does PRO replace Pixelmator completely? Thu Nov 09, am Pixelmator is here to stay – we\’ll continue the development and support for this app even after Pixelmator Pro release for sure.

I\’m considering which one to buy. Sat Nov 25, am Is there a special upgrade price for those of us who have been loyal Pixelmator users for years? Sat Nov 25, pm Yes Pixelmator Pro will be offered at a discounted price for a few weeks so those that want to upgrade can do that at a lower price. Wed Nov 29, pm How do we get this discount?

The app store does not offer it? Wed Nov 29, pm So the price is the same for everybody. Thanks for the incentive to your once loyal users that helped you get off the ground. Thu Nov 30, am I just paid full list price for Pixelmator in October. Are you going to do anything at all for customers that bought it so recently? Thu Nov 30, am I am a fan of Pixelmator for years.

Pixelmator\’s fans have been dropped? Thu Nov 30, pm Seems a shame that those of us the have supported Pixelmator have not been recognised for their loyalty and support. Offering an upgrade price for loyal users for the same value as a new purchaser doesn\’t seem to me to be any recognition for valued users.

A great shame in my opinion!! Thu Nov 30, pm Congratulations for your new Pro version. Looks amazing. I\’m glad to work with Pixelmator in many aspects, but I really disagree with the pricing. Is nice to offer a discounted launching price but that\’s the public price, is not a special price for Pixelmator users.

I think it doesn\’t seem quite fair. Is true, is not an update, but who of us will keep using old version having a Pro? We should have an \”upgrading price\” better than the public launching price.

Thu Nov 30, pm As others are expressing, I\’m disappointed that Pixelmator users aren\’t being offered a discounted price. Um, not quite. Pro but with this kind of poor customer service I\’m instead going to avoid Pixelmator products because it can only lead to one thing, disappointment. Thu Nov 30, pm Very disappointing will be looking at other options. Thu Nov 30, pm Well, what is this release? The old version is abandoned, and there\’s no advantage for pixelmator users?

What a shame?? I never seen this kinda release. This is not a pro version. It is just changing the name and getting a chance to sell your app more. What about the users who have bought just pixelmator right before the pro version is releasing?

Thu Nov 30, pm webix : The regular Pixelmator is not abandoned and will continue to get updated. Just to remind everybody, Pixelmator Pro is a completely new app and will co-exist alongside your existing Pixelmator version. People like to call it an upgrade and want an upgrade price, but in reality you are buying a new app at a reduced introductionary price. The pricing right now is the best for both existing customers and new users.

Do people upgrade their macs by buying a new one, demand an upgrade price from Apple because they are already a mac owner? In the sofware world and with many other products as well, it is not uncommen that customers buy one version, only to find out that a completely new release gets out a few weeks later. It\’s an unfortunate case of bad luck, but we cannot blame the team for not warning those that were planning on buying Pixelamtor as Pixelmator Pro has been announced many months before the release.

Fri Dec 01, am Comparing hardware updates to softwares updates is apples and oranges. This is the first time I\’ve seen an alleged new app same name Does the same things, more professionally There are far more developers that offer upgrades, as most people rightly assumed would happen here.

This together with the incompatibility nonsense Apple just as bad here , just drives people away. I for one will not pursue this any longer despite looking forward to trying it out. Affinity Photo for me! I\’m even dumping plain vanilla Pixelmator. I\’m hereing so many stories of Mac users heading back to evil Microsoft I\’m starting to realise why. Fri Dec 01, am Very disappointed about the lack of a loyalty discount for existing Pixelmator Users.

Whilst I accept that its a completely new application which can work alongside the older version, why would anyone want to keep the old app if they buy the pro version – doesn\’t make any sense at all. I\’m so disappointed with the way loyal customers have been treated, I\’ve made the decision today to drop Pixelmator altogether.

Goodbye Pixelmator. Fri Dec 01, am I am sorry to have to say that I totally agree with the other users in this post! I am among the many users who adopted Pixelmator in the early days, both on MAC and iPad and to be totally dismissed in my opinion, and not given some special treatment for those who supported you in the early days is \”piss poor\”!

As developers it is well in your realm to \”notice\” the die hards with discounted upgrade options! As for the release discount, well everyone gets that, even newbies! Poor management IMHO! I for one will not be upgrading, oh sorry its not an upgrade is it? Will not be purchasing the Pro version! What a shame!

Fri Dec 01, am I am a Pixelmator user, an abandoned application for more than a year. And now I regret to buy it. Fri Dec 01, am Guys, I totally understand your frustration, however, here are a few very important points about this situation: 1. The Mac App Store doesn\’t really have a way of providing discounts to specific users. There\’s a bit of a workaround by providing an upgrade via in-app purchases, but that\’s not exactly a great Mac app experience which we care about very much , and We didn\’t want the original Pixelmator to go anywhere.

Many people still have and love using it, so it wouldn\’t be fair to them if they woke up one day with a completely new app instead of one they were used to.

As someone who has spent the last two years answering many of your support emails, I know that getting used to new things can be a little tricky. Because of all this, we settled on an introductory price for Pixelmator Pro.

We plan to raise this price once we ship updates with major new features and those updates are already in the works. Sure, the price is available to everyone but as loyal Pixelmator users, you\’re pretty much the first to know about it. And finally, if there was a way to provide loyal users a discount — you can absolutely bet we would do it. Again, I understand why you feel like this but we didn\’t make this decision lightly. And trust me, Pixelmator Pro has an amazing future ahead so I personally don\’t think you\’d regret buying it now.

However, it\’s totally up to you and I hope that once you see the updates we\’re working on, you won\’t think twice about trying out Pixelmator Pro.


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