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Golf Carts The New “Car”?

The Automobile Alternative Gas prices are constantly on the rise; insurance, registration and upkeep are a major hassle and a time suck as well as being expensive. To top everything off, cars are one of the biggest sources of atmospheric pollution, oil reserve depletion, and other major

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Confidence Breeds Success

Feel Good, Play Good. Pretty Simple. It is a proven psychological truth that people who feel good about themselves make better decisions than those individuals that are consumed by fear and self-doubt. This concept has broad applicability to a person’s life, holding true in professional contexts, personal

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Golf Carts Aren’t Just For Golfers

For Golfers And Beyond They’re called golf carts, so their only use is for carting you around the golf course, right? Actually, they’re called Electric Utility Vehicles, and their uses are practically unlimited. Some of the most common non-golf uses are for individuals like facilities mangers, groundskeepers,

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The Future Of Golf Carts

Golf carts have changed radically since their first introduction over 60 years ago. The steering systems, the power sources, and the many accessories and modifications that are available have all evolved dramatically since their initial inceptions. Looking at their past, it would be silly to think that

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Golf Cart Communities

The Villages, and Much More If it seems like you’re seeing more golf carts on the roads these days, don’t worry – you aren’t imagining things, there actually has been a recent upswing in the amount of golf cart-friendly communities. Many towns are changing their laws to

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The Ultimate in Golf Seat Equipment

Why settle for less? Most sports require their practitioners to use equipment of some kind, but there are few where the individual player as dependent upon their equipment for their success on the scoreboard and their reputation on and off the course as golf. Obviously you need

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Keep Your Cart Looking Business Casual

A sharp cart is nice to have Who says, that all a round of golf is good for is fun and games on a relaxing Sunday? Whoever they are, they’re probably not a member of the business world, because anyone that’s anyone in business knows how much

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The Gift That Keeps Them Golfing

The Best Golfing Gift Golf lovers can be tricky to buy gifts for, sometimes – you don’t want to buy them the wrong gift, but they can be so picky about their equipment, that it’s hard to feel like you’ve found the perfect present. If you’re currently

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ACG Roadster

ACG Roadster seats True luxury is not just being able to afford nice things, but having both the means and the taste to be able to purchase the things that set you apart from all the ordinary people. What’s the point in having a luxury like a

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Customize your seats

Customize your seats When you buy a set of custom golf seats from El Tigre, you’re given the option to customize every aspect of your new purchase. You can control the style of seats that you are buying, the color scheme, material that they’re made of –

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