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Greener Golf?

Is Greener Golf Possible? If “going green” wasn’t a huge trend, I would think “greener golf” wouldn’t be possible with electric golf carts around. However, it seems that it is! A solar powered golf cart has been created in the hype of the “going green” world as

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The New Trend: Golf Carts Going Street-Legal

The Newest Trend? It’s not a surprise to see that many communities are now looking at golf carts as the newest trendy vehicle. The surprise comes when it hits the media that many places are wanting to make golf carts street-legal! Many cities are looking to make

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El Tigre Articles

Great Gift Idea When looking for a gift for either a golf lover or a golf cart lover, sometimes it can be difficult. Many items they would love, like a new rear set kit, or new wheels, might be more on the expensive side. Even though we

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Pros and Cons of EZGO, Club Car, and Yamaha Models

Pros & Cons of EZGo, Club Car, & Yamaha When shopping for your golf cart, how do you decide what brand you are going with? Three different main manufacturers exist for golf carts which are used for both golf course & country clubs as well as recreationally.

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The History of Club Car

Facts You Didn’t Know Did you know that the Club Car was the first to invent a golf cart with a steering wheel? This happened in the 1960s. Celebrities could be seen riding around in their new Club Cars all over. Club Car even invented the first

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Who is E-Z GO?  E-Z Go – a subsidiary of Textron company – has been known for its specialization in industrial vehicles and golf carts. While it seems to be popular for its standard models, E-Z Go also offers carts that reinvent the purpose and style of

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