Don’t Be Afraid Of Change

Keep Moving Forward

Tiger Woods is in the middle of doing something unprecedented: he’s remaking his swing – for a third time. That’s right, the man that has won 75 tournaments, including 14 majors, isn’t satisfied with his swing. One of the reasons that Tiger is arguably the greatest golfer of all time is precisely because he’s willing to adapt. The human body grows, changes, and breaks down; for a player to remain dominant they must evolve along with it.

Lots of people cite cautionary tales like David Duval, who attempted to rebuild his swing and failed, as examples of why they shouldn’t try anything new, but when you look at the history of golf almost everyone makes tweaks and adjustments along the way. This holds true for players at all levels of the sport, and for things beyond just golf swings. Fashion, equipment, and times change too. Once new clubs become obsolete, knickers come in and go out of style, and golf cart seats get worn out and need to be replaced. Sharks have to keep moving forward or they die and so do golf games. Be like the shark – or, better yet, the Tiger – and keep moving forward.

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