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The range of this instrument is C2-E5, so of course it makes sense to set the range to that. I am not sure how many velocity layers the instrument has, but typically in that era it would be 2 to 4, so I set it to 4. The more semitones I choose, the more RAM the instrument will take and again, in that era of less powerful computers, they probably did not sample every single note.

So I set it to 3, with 0 round robins for legato and I will roll the dice with those, knowing I can always redo it if I am not happy with the result. I click Sample, give it a name and let it save to its default location, and AutoSampler begins. You will see it and hear it in action. The larger the instrument, the longer it will take, depending on your settings choices. For this instrument with the settings I chose, it will take app.

Time to make a phone call, check my email, make coffee, etc. When I play it, it sounds great, a bit softer but nearly identical. The only issues for me are that the sustain is too long and when I raise the vibrato with the mod wheel, I get too much vibrato. No problem. I open up both in Logic Pro X and play a region in. You tell me which one is which when you listen to the two, one after the other.

Wow, that went really well! I think I will do a staccato articulation next. Same settings but fewer velocity layers for a short articulation should be fine. I think I would like to make a key switched instrument with these two articulations.

I navigate to where the staccato samples were saved and drag them into Ungrouped this window. I assign it to Auto map and now they are in the instrument.

Any zones and groups you created transfer as you created them in EXS Parameters like playback mode, pitch, and velocities all transfer as well. To load a sampler instrument created with EXS24, simply load the instrument from the Library or from the pop-up menu at the top of the Sampler window.

Sampler uses the same file extension as the EXS If you have a large library of custom sampler instruments, you can use Search Filter to find particular software instruments. Quickly create a sampler instrument To quickly create a sampler instrument, just drag one or more samples to the Navigation Bar in Sampler. To get started, create an Instrument track with Sampler: Create a software instrument track with Sampler as the instrument.

Click the Sampler in the Instrument slot in the channel strip to open the Sampler window. Drag samples from the Logic Pro browsers, the Finder, a region or cell, or even from a marquee selection on a region to one of the import options in Navigation Bar: To make an instrument from multiple samples of pitched instrument notes, such as samples of different notes of the same piano, or if you have a single sample that has multiple notes in it like a vocal sample or a bass line, choose an Optimized drop zone.

If you have multiple samples of sounds that don\’t have a particular pitch that you want assigned to MIDI notes, like drum samples, choose a Chromatic drop zone. Use Optimized to create an instrument The Optimized setting automatically determines the root notes of the zones and maps the zones across the keyboard.

Choose the Optimized drop zone that works best for the samples you\’re using: With Zone Per File, Sampler analyzes the pitch and places the samples on the right keys.

If you add samples of the same pitch with different velocities, Sampler creates velocity zones. Use this if you\’re adding multiple samples of pitched instrument notes. With Zone Per Note, Sampler creates a zone for each pitched note of sufficient duration and harmonicity detected in the file, and maps them to the right key. Use this if you have a single sample that has multiple notes in it like a vocal sample or a bass line, and you want each note in the sample on its own key.

Use Chromatic to create an instrument When you drag a Chromatic option, Sampler chromatically maps samples as zones across the keyboard range, starting from C2. Choose the Chromatic drop zone that works best for the sample you\’re using: With Zone Per File, Sampler creates one zone for each sample dropped on the dropzone, in one group.

With Split at Silence, Sampler creates a new group for each sample dropped on the dropzone. Each sample is split at extended periods of silence, with a zone created in the associated group for each of these segments. Edit groups and zones After you\’ve created your sampler instrument, you have full access to edit functions in Sampler. Set start and end markers, set loop points, and more To set start and end markers, add fade ins and fade outs, set loop points, add loop crossfades, and more without leaving the Sampler, click Zone in the Sampler toolbar.

Process your instrument You can process your entire instrument using Sampler\’s powerful built-in synthesizer, mod matrix, and modulators. Click Synth in the toolbar to control global and filter settings for the entire loaded sampler instrument. Remix FX are here as predicted, too — Bitcrusher, filter, gater, and repeater, looking for all the world like features associated historically with Ableton Live and later with Maschine , as well as some hardware think KAOSS Pad, for one.

And yes:. Drag and drop sounds everywhere. An integrated sample engine plus drag-and-drop sampling instruments means that sampling is now a core part of the Logic workflow — not just EXS24 as an island. More on this element soon. Autosampler is integrated.

That alone might be reason to consider a move to Logic, and could easily be a topic for another article. This feature has graduated to desktop form from the iPad, but it might be more appealing in the desktop context.

But that brings me to one takeaway here. But — first impression suggests Apple may have really pulled off a coup here, in a more significant way than they have in a long time. And yes, the EXS24 overhaul is long overdue — that aspect also will deserve more detailed attention from people making soundware content. The latest Logic instruments and effects and workflows all start to look very consistent and integrated. Apple has put them together in a way that looks clear and uniquely theirs.

I have to see exactly how Live Loops fits in with this, but that is obviously relevant, too. We also start to see iOS integration that makes sense. Logic Remote lets you work with the loop grid, even browsing and adding loops, and working with remix effects.

Apple has been slowly overhauling Logic ever since it first acquired the software from Emagic over a decade and a half ago — with a lot of that team still involved, and pretty consistent management on the Apple side, as well.

And zones and mapping look easy to find, as well. Quick Sampler goes there, too. Both let you grab sound recording or drag-and-drop , loop, slice, and map zones. Well and having compared Quick Sampler to Simpler, the UI here has more in common with recent plug-ins than any host — down to a growing taste for animated visual feedback and clear semi-modular definition of structure.

Flattened UIs. This is the really good stuff, and it feels like the Logic team is even getting gradually more comfortable with the design language. Cough , Windows high-DPI.


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Plug-ins and Sounds. Logic Pro gives you a massive collection of plug-ins and sounds to fuel your creativity. The ever‑growing Sound Library is also a powerful source of inspiration, thanks to Patches that allow for rich layers of instruments and effects — and Smart Controls that let you easily shape any sound. Jul 16,  · So join Joe Albano as he reveals everything about Logics EXS24 from its front panel controls to the inner workings of its editor and soon youll be digging deep into the art of sampling in Logic Pro replace.meing System: iOS. Logic Pro X Crack Step Sequencer is inspired by classic drum machines and the Step Sequence Editor to quickly create drum rhythms, bass lines, and melody parts – and even automate your favorite plug-ins. Download eos info for clever variations to your design with a variety of creative rendering behaviors.


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Logic Pro features an incredibly deep Sound Library, virtual instruments, amazing effects, and a massive collection of plug-ins and sounds. Hey, I created free Piano in instrument patches for Logic Pro X Sampler (also known as EXS24). It is based on the excellent Piano.


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