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Great Gift Idea

When looking for a gift for either a golf lover or a golf cart lover, sometimes it can be difficult. Many items they would love, like a new rear set kit, or new wheels, might be more on the expensive side. Even though we recommend giving El Tigre custom Seats for gifts, we know sometimes it might not be in your budget (just yet!). A cool option is to get them a subscription to the Golf Car News Magazine.


Ultimate Accessories List

This magazine provides a grouping of all of the latest accessories in the golf cart world so your golf cart lover can be ready for his or her next big buy. They will be able to pick out of top rated items and read all about them in the magazine. Anything from enclosures, seat kits, steering wheel accessories, this magazine will have it.


El Tigre Golf Seats published their own article in the magazine recently as well!

Read all about it here !

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