Greener Golf?

Is Greener Golf Possible?

If “going green” wasn’t a huge trend, I would think “greener golf” wouldn’t be possible with electric golf carts around. However, it seems that it is! A solar powered golf cart has been created in the hype of the “going green” world as we know it.

Changing the View

This golf cart was created by a company called Uncrate. It has the ability to drive up to 24 MPH, and hold weight up to 755 pounds – more than enough for 2 golfers, their equipment, and a case of beer! It features 2 cup holders (needed for the beer of course!).

Golf Cart Features

The cart is said to be able to run for 10 rounds of golf, or up to 50 miles without a charge, according to It produces up to 3 amps per hour, for its 48V rechargeable battery system. The roof mounted solar panels are said to have increased its range by about sixty percent over regular electric golf carts.

Pretty neat idea! Check them out on Uncrate’s website.

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