Keep The Game Going

And Your Rear Comfortable

People find that as they get older it can become harder and harder to do the things that they love. Tasks and activities that used to be routine can become exhausting – or even painful – as time goes by. As this happens, you may find it necessary to make adjustments in your routine, finding less stressful ways that allow you to continue doing all the activities that you enjoy.

This goes for people of all walks of life, golfers included. Many people love doing the course on foot, carrying their bag or using a handheld cart, but there comes a point when that just causes too much exertion, discomfort, and risk of injury. Fortunately, golf carts are built not just to make the course quicker or easier, but also safer and more comfortable. Custom golf seats from El Tigre are even built with ergonomic support in mind, helping riders with back, neck, leg, or shoulder issues stay on the course and stay feeling good.

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