Keep Your Cart Looking Business Casual

A sharp cart is nice to have

Who says, that all a round of golf is good for is fun and games on a relaxing Sunday? Whoever they are, they’re probably not a member of the business world, because anyone that’s anyone in business knows how much can happen over the course of eighteen holes. Golf courses are a traditional place for deals to get made, discrepancies to be ironed out, and even for large sums of money to change hands – if only through a handshake.

When you’re conducting business out on the course, it is important that you look your best, carry the best clubs, and ride in the best cart, so as to project an air of confidence and professionalism, even in your supposed “off” time. El Tigre can help you build a cart that looks slick and reflects your personality, with custom golf cart seats. If you’ve had a cart for a while, chances are the seats are starting to look a little battered and worn, and that’s not the image you want to be showing to a prospective client or investor.

New golf cart seat covers, however, can help your cart look like new, again, without having to actually be new. El Tigre golf cart seats can keep your cart up to par, so that you can focus on your stroke – and your negotiations.

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