Like Golfer Like Cart

Make your Cart resemble your golf game

What good is having your own golf cart, if it looks just like everyone else’s? If you’ve splurged enough to buy your own ride, you should go all the way and customize your cart, so that everyone can tell that you’re not just another duffer out there, but someone who truly belongs. A custom paint job, detailing, and extra features can set you apart from all those rental carts, as can getting your own custom golf cart seats.

New golf cart seats or golf cart seat covers can be tailored to your own specific tastes, like with your favorite colors, the logo of your favorite sports team, or even contoured seat designs so that they feel better on your back. Your golf cart should reflect your personality, so what does it say about you, if it looks just like everyone else’s? Customize your cart so that you look good, feel good, and make an impression, every time you decide to hit the links.

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