So Many Options

How Do I Choose the right Seat?


Many customers who are viewing the site for new golf cart seats may feel overwhelmed at first because of the amount of seating options that El Tigre offers. In this instance, it is suggested to look at the following and decide what matches your needs best.


Bucket or Bench Style


With El Tigre Golf Seats, there are two options to choose from: bucket style of bench style.

A bench-style seat is what it sounds like : it will be a seat meant for 2 people to sit

Legacy II Bench Seat

together on. One of our bench seats has an optional third armrest that moves up or down, if the look of two “individual” seats is wanted.

Texas Diamond Back Bucket Seat

A bucket style seat is similar to one that is in a front seat of a car or truck. They are individual seats with armrests, and can also have the option of headrests.


Choosing your Colors


Sometimes the hardest part about ordering seats is choosing the colors. The best and most important advice El Tigre gives is to always request samples before purchasing. The colors vary on computers and cell phones, which may mean they may not turn out to be what you thought. Go to our Colors and Textures page to view the colors we offer.

Many customers choose colors based on the color of their cart. El Tigre is happy to send samples of different shades to make sure you receive the best color match possible.

Another popular idea is to match your seats to your favorite sports team. Better yet, El Tigre also offers logos!


Choosing Accessories


El Tigre also offers rear seat kits that can match your front row seats! If you want to keep the style going, this is a suggested option! El Tigre also makes arm caps, which we call “Hip Restraints”, as well as rear seat cupholders!


Picking one, or both of these options can add a lot of dazzle to your cart.

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