The Gift That Keeps Them Golfing

The Best Golfing Gift

Golf lovers can be tricky to buy gifts for, sometimes – you don’t want to buy them the wrong gift, but they can be so picky about their equipment, that it’s hard to feel like you’ve found the perfect present. If you’re currently wracking your brain for something to buy the avid duffer in your life, think about buying them new seats for their golf cart from El Tigre. Chances are if they’ve had their golf cart for a while, the seats are starting to get a little worn, and your golfer has noticed it, but keeps procrastinating about actually doing anything about it.

New custom golf cart seats make a perfectly good old cart look like new again and keep that golfer looking stylish and feeling comfortable – and if they’re the really, really picky type, you can even sit down at the computer with them and customize every detail of their new seats. El Tigre is here to help you give the gift that keeps them golfing.

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