The History of Club Car

Facts You Didn’t Know

Did you know that the Club Car was the first to invent a golf cart with a steering wheel? This happened in the 1960s. Celebrities could be seen riding around in their new Club Cars all over. Club Car even invented the first maintenance vehicle for courses by welding a cargo box onto the back!

In the 1980’s, the Club Car DS was born. One of the cargo vehicles, the Carryall II, was introduced in 1985 and become one of the first modern day utility vehicles used.

The Club Car Precedent is introduced in 2004, with 5 years of research and development behind it. The Precedent set the standard for style and comfort!

The same year, the CarryAll 265 was created, which was the first 4WD utility vehicle!

New Systems in Place

In 2008 the Excel Boost System was created to boost car efficiency and control, creating a stronger driving experience. The Villager 2+2 LSV was also introduced to consumers, It allows for comfortable travel through neighborhoods, downtown, and more, as low-speed, street-legal vehicles increase in popularity.

In 2010, Club Car added the new connected technology system, which was highlighted by Visage and its 3D course flyover experience, fleet management software, and many other features, including a zero-emissions LSV was introduced on Earth Day.

The CarryAll line underwent a transformation, revealing new ergonomics, increased storage capacity, ground clearance, and higher -efficiency systems.

The newest Precedent comes with on-board GPS, car tracking, with the visage fleet management system and won multiple awards!

The Onward was introduced in 2017, with fully customize-able options. It allows customers to choose color, seats, wheels, and other accessories. Customers can create it completely online, and show off their new style in their neighborhood or on the golf course.

Experience & Evolution

Club Car has nearly 60 years of industry leading experience and innovation. They started off with golf cars, and eventually moved to also becoming a leading provider in utility vehicles and personal use transportation. Club Car strives for quality and excellence when building its vehicles, and this has become its top priority.

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