The New Trend: Golf Carts Going Street-Legal

The Newest Trend?

It’s not a surprise to see that many communities are now looking at golf carts as the newest trendy vehicle.

The surprise comes when it hits the media that many places are wanting to make golf carts street-legal!

Many cities are looking to make golf carts street legal because it allows them to move people from one place to another in a smoother transition, especially with larger populations. Amarillo, Texas is one of them.

“This would allow them to move patrons, move people, from one place to another, whether it’s to or from one of our venues downtown,” News Channel 10 KFDA quoted City Manager Jared Miller as saying.

According to the article, the golf carts would have to be up to code in order to be in the city.

The Carolina’s

Another community that is looking into golf carts is Washington, North Carolina. According to the Washington Post, the vote was unanimous on approving the ordinance. The ordinance allows the golf carts on roads that are 35 MPH or less. According to golf cart resource, that’s how it’s generally done. Rather than write their own ordinance that could be challenged in court, towns, cities, even states, adopt the wording for laws from other time-tested, even court-tested regulations from other lands. In North Carolina, the state has already paved the way, so to speak. But each municipality has to give an official nod of approval by adopting the ordinance that, among other things, will allow for ordinance uniformity from city to city.

More than

With these ordinances and communities springing up, much discussion is being had when it comes to what streets to allow the carts on. In Lincoln, North Carolina, the discussion also stems out to the necessity for a driver’s license.

According to golf cart resource, the commissioners informally agreed that drivers of golf carts should be 16 years of age or older – whether that meant valid driver’s licenses were necessary was another topic.

One commissioner said no to that. “I did not agree with the requirement to have a driver’s license because if Grandma or Grandpa, me, decides he doesn’t want to drive anymore, I ought to be able to drive a golf cart,” said Commissioner Richard Parmenter. “I don’t see any real justification in requiring that,” he said.

After all of this is said and done, the community still voted unanimously to allow golf carts to be street legal. They decided to discuss details at a later date.

Communities all around the United States are looking to create a better, easier environment for all. Golf cart communities and street legality can provide that for all over our beautiful country.




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