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This is done by adding the relevant program and folder shortcuts to the toolbar. In fact, most programs automatically add application shortcuts to the quick launch folder while you install the application. In newer versions of Windows, Microsoft removed the quick launch toolbar option from the taskbar. However, you can still add quick launch toolbar to Windows Even though Microsoft removed the Quick Launch toolbar option from the taskbar, the Quick Launch folder still exists.

Which simply means that you need to create a custom toolbar using the Quick Launch folder. The advantage of the Quick Launch toolbar is that most programs still add shortcuts to the Quick Launch folder.

This option lets you create a custom toolbar using the folder of your choice. In our case, we are going to use the already existing Quick Launch folder. As soon as you click on the New Toolbar option, Windows open the folder selection window. Here, enter the following path in the Folder field and press Enter. The above action will take you to the already existing Quick Launch folder. When you click on the select folder button, a new toolbar called Quick Launch will be added to the taskbar.

To see all the shortcuts and programs in the quick launch toolbar, click on the double arrow icon next to it.

You will see a flyout menu with all the shortcuts. For instance, I added the Spotify application shortcut to the quick launch list. The new program will be added to the quick launch toolbar as soon as you drop it. Of course, you will find the newly added program in the flyout menu. In the same manner, you can also add your most used or favorite folder to the quick launch toolbar. However, if you simply drag and drop a folder, it will be copied to the quick launch toolbar rather than creating a shortcut.

To avoid that, hold the Alt key while dragging and dropping a folder. If you want to, you can also add the shortcuts directly to the Quick Launch folder and the shortcuts will appear in the quick launch list. In Windows 10, Microsoft added a new toolbar called Links. This is very similar to the Quick Launch toolbar. The difference is that it is readily available in the toolbars list and the Links folder is located in a different location in the File Explorer.

This toolbar is useful if you want to start with a blank slate so that you can add your own program and folder shortcuts. Just like with the quick launch toolbar, you can either drag and drop the application or folder shortcuts to add them to the Links toolbar. Alternatively, you can also add the shortcuts directly to the Links folder via File Explorer. If you like this article, you might also like to learn how to show real-time download and upload speed on the taskbar and how to make taskbar completely transparent.

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Windows 10 quick launch location free download.Where is the Quick Launch for the Windows 10 Taskbar, how to enable?


Free Launch Bar is the free replacement for the standard Quick Launch bar. However, the Free Launch Bar is fully compatible with Quick Launch because it uses the same folder for shortcuts.

But there is one huge difference. Free Launch Bar allows you to combine your windpws into groups. This feature looks like popup menus. This vastly improves the management of your shortcuts and save working space on your desktop. By using Free Launch Bar, you speed up the launching of your applications like never before. You can create menus with Quick Launch, but you must hold down CTRL key to open menu and windows 10 quick launch location free download cannot rearrange items inside menu.

Free Launch Bar is the excellent replacement for Quick Launch, it downlaod the same technology. If your Quick Launch have some tens of shortcuts, Free Launch Bar help you to organize them into nice menus. True Launch Windows 10 quick launch location free download. System requirement:.

We recommend. Text Accelerator – convert, transform, insert text with hotkeys. What нажмите чтобы узнать больше the Free Launch Bar? Why you need the Free Launch Bar? To add shortcuts you can simply drag them into menus Привожу ссылку tips.

You can include some of HTML tags into button description. Profiles allow to save settings and use them in the future for other toolbars.


Windows 10 quick launch location free download.How to Add a Quick Launch Toolbar on Taskbar in Windows 10


Click Select Folder. You now have a quick launch toolbar on your taskbar. If you prefer it on the left, continue following these directions. Right-click the taskbar, and make sure the taskbar is unlocked. The quick launch bar is now on the left.

If you want to hide the quick launch text, right-click the quick launch toolbar and click the checkmark next to Show title. If your Quick Launch have some tens of shortcuts, Free Launch Bar help you to organize them into nice menus.

True Launch Bar. System requirement:. These utilities can be Advanced task switching and program launch ing for power users – use two consecutive keys to launch and switch to up to 40 different applications Quick Snap window resizer – Easily resize program windows Powerful launch er and scheduler that provides quick access to your favorite applications, folders, websites, and documents.

Input new shortcuts by drag-n-drop, launch shortcuts using hotkeys, schedule shortcuts to run one It facilitates the quick detection of viruses, worms, trojans, all kinds of Install PStart to your USB stick to launch portable applications easily and open important documents or Is your computer unstable?

With TaskBowFree you can freely arrange Remember the days before MP3 players, where people would make mix Sitting in the dock or accessible via menulet, JellyfiSSH allows you to Re:Desktop helps you to keep your desktop clean and clutter-free. The application can keep icons that are not used frequently out of sight and the app can ExpressLauncher is a Preferences Pane item with which you can associate keys to any file.

If you\’re a bit of a keyboard maniac you should love this True Launch Bar aims at making your favourite programs and common tasks accessible from your desktop in a click. This launcher application woos users thanks Do you ever play Flash-based games on Facebook?

Are you tired of working on your strategy, waiting for your turn, and then finding that you\’ve missed it Skylight is an eye-candy searching tool that enables you to find any file on your computer just by entering the first few letters of its name. Now you can add in your other toolbars that I told you to temporary remove that will be placed on right side of taskbar. Also, Auto hide taskbar is the only way to go.

You always have to go down to taskbar to use it anyways. So to do this. Now you have your pinned items on taskbar, another full row to add items in quick launch and your pinned quick access items in explorer that is pinned to taskbar. Everything at your fingertips.


Windows 10 quick launch location free download


Quick Launch is a small Windows tool designed with a single goal in mind: to help you access various preset and custom applications from an intuitive and easy-to-configure environment. It comes in handy if your desktop got two crowded with icons from various utilities and you want to make some room on your screen for focusing solely on your projects.

You can copy it on any USB flash drive or other devices, and take it with you whenever you need to launch utilities on the breeze, without having to go through installation steps.

Quick Launch sports a clean interface that allows you to trigger most of the actions with just a few clicks. The utilities are stored within several preset categories, namely Work, Fun, Applications, Office, and Other.

For each category, the program provides you with some predefined utilities e. The only way to make some adjustments is to edit the XML file. To sum it up, Quick Launch proves to be a simple-to-use tool that comes bundled with limited features for helping you launch programs. Quick Launch. A simple-to-use and portable program designed to help you launch applications and configure the settings stored within the XML file.

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