El Tigre custom golf cart seats are manufactured in a modern production facility by a team of experienced professionals. We’re located in Elkhart, Indiana – one of the most concentrated manufacturing hubs in the country.

Our Founder

A student of the industry, our founder, Tony, is as focused in the plant as he is in the office. “El Tigre Custom Golf Cart Seats is a natural extension of who I am, and our team is 100% focused on delivering comfort and durability. We bring old-world craftsmanship to a global market through the use of cutting-edge production technologies. Over the years, we’ve learned a great deal and gained incredible experience. Today, we’re pouring all of it into El Tigre custom golf cart seats.”

Hands On

Tony has an extensive background in upholstery and design. He started fresh out of high school as an apprentice upholsterer in one of the nation’s largest furniture companies. In short order, he moved from entry level employee, to master upholsterer, to Vice President. He eventually decided to put down roots in the Midwest, and helped to grow a series of companies in the Marine and RV industries. His love of “rolling up his sleeves” and working hands on in various plants, acute eye for classic and innovative designs, and extensive background in upholstery, made opening his own custom golf cart seat manufacturer the obvious next step.

Tony is directly responsible for every one of our unique custom seat designs, and takes that responsibility very seriously.

The El Tigre Difference

Each unique style features contoured comfort, superior craftsmanship, premium materials, creative finishing touches and unlimited customization possibilities.

eltigre_11x14@300dpi-22 (2)After the design, development, and manufacturing processes have passed through an intensive approval protocol, each seat is put through the quality control process. Our highly-trained team of professional pattern makers, master sewers, and upholsterers are involved every step of the way to guarantee an exacting level of quality.

At El Tigre custom golf cart seats, we use high-caliber materials that deliver tangible benefits. So that our seats retain their beautiful form as long as possible, we make them out of impact-resistant high resiliency foam. Seats install quickly and easily.

El Tigre seats are upholstered in low-maintenance, weather-resistant, high-performance textiles. There are neons, brights, camouflage, textures, caution yellow, incredible metallics, leatherettes and more. All single and double topstitching is color-coordinated to match each individual seat. For a personal touch, add traditional or 3D embroidery in a monogram, lettering or graphic.

Prior to shipping, we visually inspect every seam, every curve and every inch of the finished surface. Right out of the box, your El Tigre seat is stunning!

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