ACG Roadster

ACG Roadster seats

True luxury is not just being able to afford nice things, but having both the means and the taste to be able to purchase the things that set you apart from all the ordinary people. What’s the point in having a luxury like a golf cart, if it is exactly the same as everyone else’s? If you’re going to splurge on a custom golf cart, you want to be buying something truly unique; something that’s got a natural class and distinctiveness that anyone that sees it coming over the hills on the course will respect intrinsically.

The ACG California Roadster is an electric-powered epoch of style, comfort and distinction – a truly unique golf cart that sets its driver apart from all those casual duffers that are renting their ride for the day. And, if you’re going as far as getting a Roadster for yourself, you ought to be going all the way and customizing it completely, including adding custom golf cart seats from El Tigre. El Tigre’s ACG California Roadster seats add durability, UV protection and a personalized look to what is already one of the most unique carts on the course today.

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