Confidence Breeds Success

Feel Good, Play Good. Pretty Simple.

It is a proven psychological truth that people who feel good about themselves make better decisions than those individuals that are consumed by fear and self-doubt. This concept has broad applicability to a person’s life, holding true in professional contexts, personal situations – even in your golf game.

When you have confidence in your swing, in your appearance, and in your equipment, you perform better on the course. This is the product of both positive visualization and increased focus. Positive visualization is the principle that when we picture good things happening, we are more capable of achieving them than when we engage in negative self-talk. Further, anyone that’s ever swung a golf club knows how noisy it can get internally; all the advice you’ve ever gotten from friends and pros, all the things you’re worried about – from life concerns to the fit of your pants – can start distracting you from the simple task of striking a ball with a club face.

When you hit the links, you want to feel as good about yourself as you can so that you can play as well as you can. Things like a ratty, beat up golf cart can be a distraction that affects your mood and your game. The simple act of adding new golf cart seat covers can actually lower your score on the course. Be confident in yourself, and you’ll start seeing results that you can really feel good about.

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