For The Footbal Fanatic

Golf Cart Seats for the Football Fan

When you’re a true football fan, you want everyone to know where your allegiances lie. You wear your favorite player’s jersey, you’ve got memorabilia displayed in your home, and everyone knows where you’ll be on Sunday afternoons (when you’re not on the golf course, that is). One way that you can continue your tradition of support is with custom golf cart seats or golf cart seat covers from El Tigre.

El Tigre can transform your ride from a drab, boring cart, indistinguishable from a rental, into a bold proclamation of allegiances – “Here comes a Pittsburgh fan,” it will say, striking fear into the hearts of your rivals. With golf seats customized with your team’s colors and insignia, no one will ever wonder who you’ll be rooting for when you get back to the clubhouse. For you or the football fanatic in your life, custom golf seats are the final piece of the championship puzzle.

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