Fun Facts about Golf Carts You Probably Didn’t Know


Over the years, golf carts have become increasingly more popular, which also means their designs have changed as well.

Golf cart manufacturers have gone as far as to have Golf Cart Utility Vehicles made. These vehicles have 4 wheel drive and utility tires!

They are made to move on all types of terrain and are able to do all kinds of work.


As seen in previous posts, Golf Carts are now one of the bigger ways to transport around town, especially in places like The Villages, Florida. Some golf carts are considered street-legal.

Every state has different regulations, but, in Florida, the statutes are very clear and enforced. These include:

  • Golf carts may be operated where signs are posted allowing for it.
  • In most jurisdictions, they may only be operated between sunrise and sunset.
  • Local ordinances may further restrict or disallow golf carts.
  • Drivers must be 15 or older.
  • The golf cart must be equipped with brakes, mirrors, reflective warning tape, seat belts, windshields, and windshield wipers.



Every state has their unique hobby, pastime, or other obsession. And Florida has golf carts.

The Villages is a retirement community in Florida where a large group of golf cart paths exist. Golf carts are very practical for this group because it allows for a better and safer way for travel for older people.

In most of southern Florida, the golf cart lifestyle has taken over. Most restaurants, grocery stores, and community centers, and bars have designated golf cart parking.



Golf Carts can be mobile advertisements. Members of golf cart communities take close watch over golf carts and what they represent. Many business owners in the area opt to design their carts for their businesses! With custom seating (from El Tigre of course) and some cart body graphics, they are all set to advertise daily!




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