GEM® CART – Features & Facts


What is a GEM® CART?

Many people have sparked up discussion on the new GEM® cart created by Polaris.

The POLARIS® GEM® is a vehicle that’s designed to be between a golf cart and a van or truck: higher comfort and more safety features than a golf cart, but more economical and sustainable than a van or truck. The GEM® cart is versatile – many options are available for moving people, or cargo, managing facilities within a business, or offering a more economical way of transportation for shuttles or rentals. The GEM® can be customized for ground work, maintenance, or even security for your company.

The GEM® cart is also street legal, meaning that it can be used either on-road or off-road. It comes fully tested with DOT-approved safety features that are not offered on other small vehicles.

4 Passenger GEM cart (with El Tigre aftermarket seats)

Although the cost is a little high upfront, the GEM® cart is powered completely with clean energy, which gives you a chance to reduce your carbon footprint on this planet – helping save our home.

According to, Penn State University has since changed over to the use of GEM® vehicles for campus transportation and maintenance. The Equipment Management and Services administrator wanted a vehicle that could do a minimum of 8 hours of work without having to go recharge. Because GEM® has an array of battery life options, the university was all for it! Another item on the checklist was a reliable and sustainable vehicle that wouldn’t need much upkeep or have as many problems as they had seen with other brands – which it passed!


Overall, the GEM® cart has been cutting-edge technology for those who are looking for a multipurpose electric vehicle. Many people overlook electric vehicles because of their charging capabilities, but not the GEM®. The GEM® might quite possibly break this mold.

What if you could customize your GEM® cart even more to reflect the comfort-ability and design that you envision in your mind? With our amazing, new and improved GEM® Cart aftermarket seats, you can do just that. In our next post, we will examine our seats and what they offer for your posterior compared to other seating options!

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