Golf Cart Communities

The Villages, and Much More

If it seems like you’re seeing more golf carts on the roads these days, don’t worry – you aren’t imagining things, there actually has been a recent upswing in the amount of golf cart-friendly communities. Many towns are changing their laws to accommodate more golf carts and other forms of alternative transportation, and new developments are more and more frequently opting for exclusively electric roads.

This change has a number of different rationales behind it, including both economical and environmental benefits. One of the major advantages of using electric vehicles instead of gas is that fewer fossil fuels are used to power them, and there are little to no atmospheric emissions. Electricity is also much less expensive than gas, and roads and facilities take less wear and are easier to maintain.

In these EV-friendly communities, like The Villages in Florida, or Catalina Island in California, it’s not uncommon to see particularly fancy or unique carts on the streets, sporting dazzling paint jobs, tricked-out sound systems, and custom golf cart seats made of futuristic materials like Sunbrella and PortOcall marine-grade vinyl. These are unique, progressive vehicles made to match their unique, progressive communities – and don’t be surprised if you find yourself living in one sometime in the near future.

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