Golf Carts Aren’t Just For Golfers

For Golfers And Beyond

They’re called golf carts, so their only use is for carting you around the golf course, right? Actually, they’re called Electric Utility Vehicles, and their uses are practically unlimited.

Some of the most common non-golf uses are for individuals like facilities mangers, groundskeepers, and anyone else that has a large area of territory that they have to transverse regularly, especially if they have to do it with equipment in tow. Electric Utility Vehicles (EUVs) can save these individuals considerable time and effort, and in many cases, they can even save their employees money.

Weddings have recently begun employing EUVs as a means to transport guests that are dressed in particularly expensive and beautiful clothing to the wedding or reception destination so that they don’t have to risk ruining their finery, and so that any guests with mobility issues won’t be unduly burdened or excluded. Campgrounds often have EUVs for campers to rent; hunters, farmers, and individuals that don’t drive cars for whatever reason have all found the EUV to be a godsend.

EUVs can also be adapted to fit whatever situations they’re needed in, adding anything from special storage racks or compartments, custom golf cart seats, or paint jobs that reflect the situation or occasion. The number of contexts that the EUV can be employed in are limited only by your imagination, so ask yourself – how could your life be improved if you had expanded mobility?

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