Golf Carts The New “Car”?

The Automobile Alternative

Gas prices are constantly on the rise; insurance, registration and upkeep are a major hassle and a time suck as well as being expensive. To top everything off, cars are one of the biggest sources of atmospheric pollution, oil reserve depletion, and other major environmental hazards. As such, many individuals have been eschewing their cars in favor of a less expensive, more environmentally friendly vehicle that’s much simpler to maintain – the golf cart.

Most people don’t drive further than five miles from their home and average less than 15 total driving miles on any given day. Given this, golf carts can be a practical, cost effective alternative to owning a car (or merely using it every day) for many individuals. In fact, the golf cart was originally invented so that women could go shopping without needing to use a car, but it’s since become a legitimate transportation for many people, including the elderly, epileptics, or those with revoked licenses (consult your local laws for specific regulations).

Golf carts can be updated to fit non-golfing uses, with features like expanded or specialized storage, custom golf cart seats, and different power and fuel options. So if owning a car is starting to be more trouble than it’s worth, look into golf carts as a cheaper, easier, greener alternative.

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