Make an Old Cart Look New

Breathing new life into your cart

Golf carts take a beating – sun damage, rough driving, and the occasional meltdown with a five iron can leave a once-pristine cart looking battered and tarnished. You can’t just replace a cart because it starts getting slightly worn – that would be expensive, inefficient and environmentally wasteful. A little bit of refurbishment, however, can go a long way toward making a used cart look new again, and it doesn’t cost nearly as much.

The majority of damage that a golf cart takes is cosmetic; the engine and frame of a cart can last for years and years, but the paint job and the seat covers can show wear after a single round. A new coat of paint and fresh set of golf cart seat covers from El Tigre give you the look and feel of a new cart, for a fraction of the expense. Don’t scrap a cart that doesn’t need to go, yet; just touch it up a bit, after you beat it up a lot.

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