Make it New

Make it new

When the great American poet Ezra Pound declared “Make it new,” he may well have been talking about the world of golfing technology. Golf is a game that, while simple at its core, is constantly evolving in the practical ways that it is executed. When you trace the history of the game from its early stick-and-ball game origins, to the PGA events of today, you can see the clear effects of science on sports.

Those first Scots (or was it Netherlanders? Or Chinese?) that started trying to knock leather bags into gopher holes or painted targets would scarcely recognize the complicated, specialized game that “gouf” has turned into. Not only have straight sticks turned into sticks with clubbed ends, which turned into the scientifically designed arsenal of specialized clubs that the modern golfer has at their disposal, but tees have been invented and modified, cleats have been added to shoes (and subsequently banned by some courses), and the cart has been added as an integral part of the golfer’s game.

To be the best in today’s game, you have to have the best of the equipment that’s available to you in your time — golf carts included. For the best cart, you have to have the best custom golf cart seats so that your back can be given proper support and alignment. “Make it new” if you want to look good, feel good and play well.

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