Make The Right Impression

Impressive Golf Cart Seats/h2>

Golf is not just about the score of the game; it is also a ritual of communication. People with similar interests, spending time with each other, enjoying each other’s company. Bonds are formed and business is done. There is a reason that all golf courses have dress codes, and you have to apply for membership to country clubs. Part of projecting the right image is having equipment that not just fits in, but also stands out – in the right ways.

You want the best clubs, the best tees, and the best cart. No one wants to drive something that looks like a cheap rental cart – you want a cart that reflects what kind of a person you are. El Tigre’s custom golf cart seats can help you create the kind of cart that anyone would be proud to drive; the type of cart that makes other golfers jealous – because how many swings you take is only a small part of why we play.

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