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El Tigre Golf Cart Seat Warranty

El Tigre is committed to quality, when it comes to their custom golf cart seats; so much so, that they are willing to back up all of their products with warranties, assuring all of their customers that they’re getting a product that doesn’t just look good, today, but that you know will look good for years to come.

When you upgrade your golf cart seats from the boring, traditional seats that most generic carts come with, to the highest quality, stylish, personalized seats that El Tigre provides, you also get a guarantee that you’ll have a gorgeous, comfortable ride for years to come. El Tigre provides a one-year warranty on the workmanship and seams, a two-year warranty on the vinyl and foam material, and an unheard of three-year warranty on all the steel components of your seats.

The best craftsmen stand by their work, and El Tigre is no different. A guarantee isn’t a promise that, if things fail, you’ll get your money back – it’s an assurance that you’re getting a product so good that the manufacturers believe that it isn’t going to fail, in the first place. So, trust a manufacturer that’s willing to stand by their product and buy your golf cart products from El Tigre.

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