Pros and Cons of EZGO, Club Car, and Yamaha Models

Pros & Cons of EZGo, Club Car, & Yamaha

When shopping for your golf cart, how do you decide what brand you are going with? Three different main manufacturers exist for golf carts which are used for both golf course & country clubs as well as recreationally. Take a look at these few pros and cons that El Tigre has put together for customers who are having a hard time to decide. And don’t worry – custom, comfortable golf cart seats are available for all 3!

*Pros and Cons are based on what has been said by customers about all 3 makes, not based on personal experience*

Pros – Club Car

  • Does well on hilly terrain
  • Known for high quality steering
  • High quality motors
  • Non-rusting aluminum frames
  • Smooth suspension
  • Last upwards of 20 years if maintained properly
  • Parts are readily available

Cons – Club Car

  • Customers have had issues with clutch on gas models
  • Parts can be more expensive than other brands
  • Tend to have less battery life





Pros- Yamaha

  • QuieTech technology
  • Gas models emit fewer emissions than other brands
  • Independent Rear Suspension is available
  • Steel Frame is more durable

Cons – Yamaha

  • Steel frame can rust
  • Slower speeds than other brands
  • 357cc engine instead of 404cc engine
  • Cheaper than other models




Pros – EzGo

  • Series Motors & PPS Setups
  • Well-designed
  • Durable steel frame
  • Parts are inexpensive
  • Smooth Ride

Cons- EzGo

  • Steel Frame can rust
  • Not good for hilly or rough terrain
  • Older models have GE motors which are not durable
  • Forward/reverse shifter is short


Are there any others that you can think of?

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