The Future Of Golf Carts

Golf carts have changed radically since their first introduction over 60 years ago. The steering systems, the power sources, and the many accessories and modifications that are available have all evolved dramatically since their initial inceptions. Looking at their past, it would be silly to think that things won’t continue to change and grow in the future.

While it is impossible to say for sure what exactly is going to happen in the coming years, there is reasonable speculation that can be done. The golf cart industry is always looking for a way to get more power for less cost, and the newest technology is in the world of solar powered vehicles. Solar energy is free if it can be harnessed properly, and has the added benefit of being better for the environment than either gas or electric power.

The materials used to construct the cart are also always changing, becoming lighter and more durable. One of the newest innovations is the Sunbrella line of custom golf cart seats, which are made with materials that are particularly resistant to wear, humidity, and UV rays.

Balls, clubs, and golf fashion continue to change, and the carts will always change along with them. Technology makes new things possible all the time, and one can only dream about what will be possible in the future.

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