Watch Your Back

Golf Cart Seat Backs

Golf, while certainly safer than football or basketball, is not without its injury risks. Achilles and knee injuries kept Tiger Woods from entering the US Open and a number of other tournaments, last year; Dottie Pepper’s career was ended by shoulder issues; and any number of other ailments impact players of all levels.

Perhaps the most commonly injured body part for a golfer is the back; Fred Couples had to retire due to chronic issues, and Retief Goosen, Dudley Hart and Joe Ogilvie, among other PGA regulars, are out of action, right now, due to back ailments.

The torque and torsion that it takes to swing a golf club, especially when coupled with the strain caused by carrying a heavy bag all day (which is often improperly balanced) make golfers particularly susceptible to back injuries. One thing that you can do for yourself is to relieve the stress and strain of the bag by using a golf cart, and making sure that the golf cart’s seats have proper lumbar support.

El Tigre golf cart seat backs are ergonomically designed to provide the support that you need in order to keep playing for as long as you want, without the risk of pain or injury. When your back is more comfortable, you feel better, you play better, and it’s better for your health, long-term.

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