Why El Tigre Offers More

More Than Style

El Tigre Golf Seats is a company who strives to create more than just a stylish seat for golf carts. Comfort is the most important factor when the seats are designed.

The foam that is selected is the best quality, most durable foam out there. These seats are worth every penny because of the comfort they promise AND deliver! Ultimate comfort and quality is built in to each and every seat. For example, the impact-resistant, high-resilience foam that is used means that the seat will retain it’s shape and form through miles and miles of courses and rides through town!

What is a “Good” Seat?

A good seat that promotes great posture has so many health benefits. Let’s go through some of the most important ones.

A Good Seat Removes :

  • Back Pain – One unique difference about some of our seats is that El Tigre offers lumbar support in select models. A lumbar back support promotes good posture by simply filling in the gap between the lumbar spine and the seat, supporting the natural inward curve of the lower back. The natural tendency is to slouch and/or lean forward in a chair. All of the seats El Tigre offers give extra support so that after being in the seat for a few hours, customers will not have back pain.
  •  headaches & tension in shoulders & neck – who wants to have headaches when you are trying to have a good time on the golf course? When posture is improved, the body is in alignment, and therefore, it is less likely for your head to hurt from tension.

A Good Seat Promotes :

  • Increased energy levels – when you’re riding around town running errands, meeting friends, or playing 9 holes, you need a lot of energy! Promoting good posture helps increase your energy immensely.
  • Increased Lung capacity – You might not know this, but when you have bad posture, you are decreasing your lung capacity, thus causing you to decrease your energy, increase tension, etc. By allowing yourself good posture, you give your lungs more room and open a whole host of more benefits for your body. And hey – it might even improve your golf game!
  • Increased circulation – Again, this is so important to keep your body up and running. By purchasing and using the right type of seat (an El Tigre seat of course!) the body is able to get the blood flowing to every point of it that is needed, allowing more oxygen to flow.
  • Better Form – When good posture is achievable, your golf game improves! Good posture teaches your body how to get into better form almost more automatically than if you had bad posture and tried to work on your form!

Great Posture is Everything

Overall, having a great seat available to you on a daily basis can improve your health in so many ways. What are you waiting for? Call 574-206-9000 and order yourself a set of seats today!

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